Use spreads to increase your winnings when betting on tennis

Together with moneyline, spread is an idea that is not only essential to betting on tennis but also to sports betting as a whole. Usually, the combination of teams or players in a match is so unequal that nobody gets interested to bet. The function of spread is to make things interesting in such situations. To make the competition a little more balanced, spread bends the game scores and levels out the playing field. Here is a sample scenario so you can understand this concept easier:

In a pretend match between Verdasco and Federer, instead of betting on who wins the match, people bet on who wins most games in the match. The chances may appear like this:

Total games won - Verdasco +6.5 -110 vs. Federer -6.6 -110

Obviously, the moneyline is now equal on the bets. It wouldn't matter which team you bet on as both of them can give you the same $100 winning with a $110 bet. The winning is equal because the spread balanced the competition. The following result could be seen after the match:

Total games won: Verdasco 12 vs. Federer 18

In this sample scenario, Federer scored 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 on all sets, clearly making him the winner. Now, the question is if we look into who won most matches, who would be the winner? The answer would be Verdasco. In the 12 games he won, his spread of +6.5 games is added, making the total to 18.5. So if you bet on Verdasco, you would receive a payout.

You can easily realize how a spread makes betting on tennis a lot more exciting. The odds of people betting on Verdasco would be small if there was no spread. If it weren't for the spread, he would not receive an additional 6.5 to his total. Because of the spread, the competition has leveled and it made betting more exciting. If you want to make more winnings, you need to understand how important a spread is and how it affects wagers so you can make smart decisions when betting on tennis online.