Sports Betting News

With the World Cup in Brazil there is not only a sports frenzy in that country, but overall there is a global betting frenzy on sports. Nowadays you can wager on pretty much any sport that takes place around the world. Director of sports integrity for from the International Center for Sport Security in Qatar and the Sorbonne in Paris Chris Eaton stated, "Taking the illegal [gambling] market, the under-regulated grey market, and the totally legal market together, it's really close to a trillion dollars [U.S.] annually gambled on sports today." With amazing sites like this one this number will only grow. Because these sites offer so many bonuses and quite a lot of chances to win a large quantity of real money. It's institutions like this that make gambling possible and more affordable and actually increase the entertainment value.

According to analysts a billion dollars was wagered on the finals in the 2010 World Cup. The 2014 World Cup is set to have a ton of money being bet and the total for the final may be higher than 4 years ago. Eaton stated that the wagering on only one soccer league in the England Premier League amounts to in excess of a billion dollars annually. Just like with betting on sports there is big money that do attract the criminal element. A report by Sports Security has found that wagering on sports around the world by organized crime launders $140 billion annually. The report also says that 80% of the sports betting around the world is dome so in an illegal manner. Bettors who make their predictions based on previously made strategies or research, and think strategically, sometimes they find sports betting a little boring because of the long term process. You should know that once you get bored of placing bets on your teams, you may always start something more interesting, like playing casino games. Find the best Canada online casinos on, to get the best info for free bonuses and learn how to play online casino games, so you can win big because finding a safe casino is not that easy.

With the rising popularity of the Internet in the last 2 decades there has been a spike in gambling activity. According to the Sports Security report 30% of gambling activity is done so over the Internet. Rather than looking for illegal bookmakers or reputable and legitimate betting shots people now need only a computer, net connection, and credit card in order to wager on sports. According to a study Britain has the most Internet gambling licenses (114) with Malta having the 2nd most (86). The same goes for online poker players looking for a game to join with a deposit or no deposit bonus. The is the best place to find information on the different types of poker games and where to play them. The website additionally offers a list of top-rated poker rooms, so go and check out where you could be playing next.

Besides sportsbooks there are many other online gambling establishments that are becoming hugely popular for offering incentives to new players. You can get 75 free spins at for example and receive more while you deposit instead of only one bonus gift prior to the initial deposit. Sportsbooks offer free bets to new players to get them to sign up to the site, or free chips to play in poker rooms. Without mentioning the on going bonuses players receive at casinos as they play, its easy to see why the industry is growing rapidly. Want more canadian internet casinos options? GrizzlyGambling is also quickly growing as a top Canadian gambling guide to safely navigate players to hottest most reputable CA sites. Examples of no deposit sites, new casinos reviewed, cautioned sites and so much more is available to players looking to keep up.

The Internet has also allowed criminal elements to create world-wide operations that can skim off money and send to anonymous bank accounts in countries where the regulations are more relaxed and less regulated. The report goes onto say that wagering on sports only adds around $6 billion in taxes to nations that tax sports betting. This amount is only a fraction of the gambling intake around the world. The ICSS-Sorbonne report states that Asia is accountable for 53% of the illegal gambling worldwide mainly because in many of the countries in East Asia gambling is not legal.

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