Back and Lay Explained

Tradinally sportsbooks will offer you the chance to bet on an event to happen such as a team to win, the correct score of a game or match, and the number of yellow cards in soccer match. When you have made a wager on a type of event such as these it is referred to as a back bet, as you have backed those events to take place. In a lay bet you will be betting on an event not to take place. If you lay on a player to score in a soccer match you will need that player not to score a goal in the match for you to win your wager. When you make a bet at a sportsbook they make the lay selections and if your pick wins you win the bet and if it does not the sportsbook wins the bet.

A sports bettor, many times, has no good option about who will win a soccer match, who will score, or who will get a yellow card, for example. However, often times a bettor has a good inkling about which team has the worse chance to win the match. The lay bet option lets you profit on this type of thinking. The sportsbook will offer bettors lay bet alternatives like double chance as well as draw no bet. What odds are these at? Do a check and compare the odds at the sportsbook you wager at and actual odds you will get by the lay bet. You will find out that there is a very big difference and sometimes that difference can be as much as 50%. The lay and back bet give you a better chance to win. If you bet on the correct score in a match the sportsbook will offer many scoring outcomes in the match and only one can obviously be a winner. In the lay bet all the other scores before the final one give you a win, but with lower odds. This is just an example of the back and lay bet explained.