Earn even when you lose with bet refunds. Here's how!

Most bookmakers are now offering bet refunds for their clients as part of their marketing strategy. You can use this offer to make money free from any risks. In simpler terms, by making use of a method like that of arbitrage betting, you can earn from these bet refunds. The following is a list of the numerous kinds of bet refunds along with an explanation on how you can earn from them.

Scorer For The First Goal

Sample offer: Wager on the first goal scorer in a match between Liverpool and Manchester United and both 1st and 2nd goalies will be paid.

Method: If the player gets to make the second goal during the match, the bookmaker will pay as if he was the one who made the first goal. In this example, if the player only scores the second goal, every £10 bet would receive a £45 payout.

In this case, the incurred loss will be £0.41 in every £10 put on the player as the first scorer. But the refund only stands for a successful offer.

Current Score

Sample offer: All losing bets on correct scores at all premiership tournaments that finish 0-0 will refunded.

Method: Make a back and lay bet aside from 0-0 in which a close match is happening. This will normally cause small losses. If the tournament ends results to a 0-0, your stake will be refunded.

In this example, the loss will be £0.44 for every £10 wagered on a score of 1-0. But a refund offer is qualified if the offer can be a success.

First Goal In Ten Minutes

Sample offer: Put money on who you believe will make the first goal in the first 10 minutes of the match and the bet in the scorer for the second goal will also be paid.

Method: Gamble on the first goal scorer in which there's a close fight, usually, only a small amount can be lost. If the same player can also make the next goal after making a goal within the first 10 minutes, a payout will be given like he made the first one.

In this example, the loss will be £0.41 for every £10 wagered on the player being the scorer for the first goal. But there will only be a refund when the offer succeeds.

Scorer For The Last Goal

Sample offer: If one specific team member from Liverpool or Everton make the last goal for the Merseyside Derby, all bets lost for the first goal scorer will be refunded.

Method: Gamble the correct score in matches where the competition is tight and losses will usually be small. If either of the specified player makes the last goal, losing bets will be refunded.

Based on this scenario, a £0.44 loss will be incurred for every £10 bet on the right score. But it could only be claimed if the offer is winning. A great way to make sure that you follow all the laws when you gamble online is to use cryptocurrency as a payment method. This virtual money is regulated, and using it won't cause you any problems. There are even dedicated sites like casinobonushawk.com that regularly offer crypto bonuses.