Some useful gambling expressions to know

If you are a new casino goers or been in casinos for quite some time but still don't understand some gambling expressions that you've heard, here are some useful gambling expressions for you to know.

Action - this is what they call for the money use by the players in the gaming session.

Bankroll - the total gambling money that the player have.

Barred - off limit inside the casino premises.

Buck - a $100 bet.

Burn Cards - the cards discarded after a shuffle or cut. This must not dealt and should be place in tray.

Betting limits in a table game - this is the minimum or the maximum amount that gamer can use in one bet.

Capping - If the player place extra chips on top of his initial bet after the deal, this is called capping of bets. This is a form of cheating by a gamer.

Card counting - often use in blackjack. A player may record in his memory played high cards to establish probable advantage on the remaining cards contrary to the dealer.

Card Sharp - this is the term referred to a person expert in cards.

Cashier Cage - this is where the chips were in cash.

Cold - refer to a losing player or a slot machine that is not paying out.

Color up - this refers to the act of the gamer to exchange smaller denomination chips to the larger one.

Comps - this is the privilege given by the casino management to attract players to gamble most often it is a free hotel accommodation, meals and drinks.

Croupier - another name for dealer, often used in baccarat and roulette.

Dime Bet - A $1000 bet.

Dollar Bet - A $100 bet.

Eye in the Sky - this refer to the surveillance cameras on the ceiling of the casino above the gaming floor.

Face Cards - refer to the Jack, Queen, and King.

Flat Top - this is what is called to a slot machine who has fixed jackpot size.

High Roller - refer to big-time gamers that always wager big bets.

Hot - refer to a winning player.

House edge - refer to casino advantage.

Load up - playing the maximum number of coins per spin.

Knowing these casino expressions is an edge to casino goers and to online casino users. Good luck to your game!