Receive huge payouts right at your home when betting on hockey

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There are multiple means for betting on hockey. The most common are moneyline and totals. Puck line is also popular.


In moneyline betting on hockey, which is the most popular type, you will just put your money on what you believe will be the winning team. The odds are lay out per team and the one with the advantage gives the smaller payout.


Also known as over/under, this is wagering above or below the total points scored in the match by both teams. There will be an oddsmaker that will set a game total and bettors will choose to go above or below it. For example, if the oddsmaker sets a 5.5 total, people will have the option to wager on six or five goals that will be scored in the match. If an even number is set and the final goals reached that number, all bets will be cancelled and refunded.

Puck Line

Puck line is the least popular method of betting on hockey. The team at an advantage is given a 1.5 spread that they should cover so puck line wagers could win. If you put your cash on the stronger team, it means they should score at least 2 points over the other team so your money could have a payout. If you go for the weaker team, they must lose by a single goal or win the game so you will receive payouts. Puck line is a little more complicated compared to other options but is a fantastic way to put money on a team that's strongly favored and which you believe will win by several goals. Moreover, it is also a great way to invest on the team perceived to be at a disadvantage. By doing so, even if the team loses that match, you can still win.

Prop Betting

In this option, you will bet on anything but the final result of the game. Prop betting happens on regular seasons and is most popular during NHL playoffs. Common categories for prop betting include period scores, individual performances of players and the team that will score first. Additionally, you can wager on future ones like which team would claim victory at what conference.